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300+ Creative LA People, Selling in the Same Place

Unique LA is back for its second year of divine design.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Unique LA
    Unique LA founder Sonja Rasula models a very Unique LA-ish necklace. The 2010 spring show is at the California Market Center on April 24-25.

    Sometimes when Unique LA Independent Design & Gift Show flits by our line of vision, we feel like it should have its own theme song.

    Something "Bonanza"-ish, full of pow and horns, that summons the excitement of gathering hundreds of local creators, be they crafters or painters or designers or what-have-yous (we all know a few what-have-yous, right?) and letting them sell away to a grateful public.

    So, in lieu of a rousing theme song, we'll just give the upshot: Unique LA is happening on Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25 at the California Market Center. Cost to get in is ten bucks.

    Once in, you will see necklaces and t-shirts and pretty much anything that can be made, maybe outside of things like planes and automobiles. You will be able to buy, and you will likely meet the person who made the item you are buying.

    These persons will likely be from Los Angeles or its environs. You may be from Los Angeles or its environs. See? This all needs a theme song.