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8/7-9: Tongs Out! Celebrity Food Show

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    Guy Fieri, and the Celebrity Food Show, pack the tools and head for Anaheim on August 8th-9th

    CELEBRITY FOOD SHOW: The celebrity is spiky-coiffed, down-to-earth Food Networkian Guy Fieri. The food part is tasty: Dozens of purveyors of gourmet bites and ingredients and kitchen-y type things will be showing their wares. Will there be, on occasion, samples? On small napkins? For you? We'd be surprised if not. August 8th-9th, Anaheim

    KOREAN BBQ COOKOFF: The knows-his-vittles critic Jonathan Gold is a judge. Ten restaurants are participating. We're ready for some galbi -- mmm, beef ribs, so savory -- and some cheering-on. Plus: Tips on marinating, and other barbecue-based hints and fun. Saturday, August 8th, noon-8PM, The Summit on Sixth Building, 3223 W. Sixth

    REGGAE NIGHT: Part of the KCRW World Festival. On the Hollywood Bowl stage: Gregory Isaacs, Toots and the Maytals, Michael Rose. Every summer should have one or two really outstanding reggae shows in 'em; since September approaches, we'd head for this concert if your reggae-show-going is on the low side. Sunday, August 9th, 7PM

    BOUTIQUE BEER FESTIVAL: It's steamy outside. Early August steamy. Oh, but to be in the cool, dark confines of San Antonio Winery, trying beers -- yes, beers, not wine -- and not being hot or overly sun-drenched. We're already dreaming. And we're going to call the liquid-y downtown landmark "San Antonio Beerery" for the day. Because we want to. Sunday, August 9th, 2PM 

    WORLD RENAISSANCE FAIRE: You can dress up maiden-y or in your clinkity-clank knight get-up, or you can just show for the food, the spectacle, the Glow Parade, and a performance by Veronika "Kit" Petra, who works with hoops and spins fire. Impressive. There will also be all the usual make-merry type to-dos. If you like making merry. Say yes. In Silverado, August 8th-9th