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A Favorite Venice Party Sambas Off the Beach

The famous Carnevale is going private.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Venice Carnevale
    Venice Carnevale takes it indoors for 2010.

    One can wear a feathery, sparkly costume at Venice Beach pretty much any day of the year, without an eyebrow being lifted by anyone.

    But the fantastic costumes really came out over a certain summer Saturday, during the annual Venice Carnevale. Now word comes that the 2010 Carnevale is leaving Venice Beach and going private.

    In fact, "A Very Private Party" is a tagline for 2010. Also new in 2010 -- the call for "erotic & exotic attire." No surprise, then, that the bash is 21+.

    Date's still around the same time -- Saturday, June 5. Place is Mission Control, a toodle (by car) off Venice Beach. And note that Carnevale is not longer free; an open-bar admission runs $35.

    There will be DJs, a juice bar option for $15, and plenty of sequin-y glamour and over-the-top togs. That part won't change, we're sure of it.