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A Man and His Hamster: Enchanting "Etienne"



    A Man and His Hamster: Enchanting "Etienne"
    Tim van der Linden
    "Etienne! The Hamster Movie" screens at Silent Movie Theatre on Tuesday, July 14th

    The moment was ripe in the 1970s, and even into the early 1980s, for movies depicting friendships between man and animal. We're thinking "Gentle Ben" of course -- man and bear -- and Clint Eastwood in "Any Which Way But Loose" -- man and orangutan. The Benji movies, "Ben" (with a Michael Jackson-sung theme song), even "Turner & Hooch" -- you know them, you've seen them, they made you go out and buy your first goldfish.

    Now "Etienne! The Hamster Movie" joins its furry-friended cinema brothers in celebrating that man-beast connection. Etienne is a hamster -- sorry, should we have put "spoiler" there? -- and he is ill. His human pal Richard is inspired to give him a trip to remember, and does. Think of stirring music a la a movie such as "Ice Castles," soft-focus, 1978-ish dappled sunlight, earnest people saying earnest things. Think of love.

    It's all a bit cheeky, but good fun. And the movie makes us want to dig out our stripe-y tube socks again. But do those truly ever fall out of fashion? No.

    The Cinevegas Film Festival is presenting the flick at Silent Movie Theatre on Tuesday, July 14th at 8PM. Bring a hanky and a devotion of all things 1970s, but best leave your best bud at home to run run run on his little wheel.