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A Summertime "Thrill"

Zombies will be shaking it in honor of Michael Jackson's birthday.



    A Summertime "Thrill"
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    Thrill the World will perform in honor of Michael Jackson's birthday on Sunday, Aug. 28 in Hollywood.

    If you know Thrill the World, the worldwide zombie dance love-in, you know that it typically happens on a Saturday close to Halloween. You know that people will gather in cities around the globe, and those people will be gussied up just a like a character from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

    It's quite the sight, as you can imagine. And the groaning? The groaning. Such glorious, throaty groans.

    Now several Thrill-the-World-ers will be stepping out of their autumn sphere and performing a special show on Sunday, Aug. 28. It's in honor of Michael Jackson's birthday. The details are still a bit under wraps, but if you're in the heart of Hollywood on Sunday afternoon, you're likely to see some zombie action. (Also watch the Thrill the World LA site for more info as the date shambles closer.)

    If you're keen to see Thrill Day in October, the date's Saturday, Oct. 29 and the location is Pine Avenue in Long Beach. Yep. That's right around the corner. We can hear the groans and Vincent Price narration already.