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A Very Weasel Weekend



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    Pauly Shore -- aka The Weasel -- plays a three-nig gig at the Brea Improv, November 28-30.

    Back when Pauly Shore ruled the comedy world -- seemed like any time you turned on MTV, there he was, hosting another spring break special, hat cocked, eyebrow cocked -- we found it charming, in a "really?" kind of way, that he referred to himself as The Weasel. Now The Weasel is back in action and appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, November 28-30, at the Brea Improv.  The man grew up around the laugh biz -- his mom Mitzi practically helmed the ha-ha scene back in the 1970s from the Comedy Store -- so we're glad to see Pauly still in the game. There isn't anyone on the scene doing quite his laid-back, SoCal-boy thing, so maybe a renaissance is due?

    And just when we thought the weekend had about all the weasel it could handle, we see that The Cinefamily at Silent Movie Theatre is screening "Weasels Rip My Flesh," from 1979. We're thinking that the title might give some, if not all, of the plot away. The B-movie is on a double bill with another heart-warming classic entitled "Long Island Cannibal Massacre." Happy holidays!

    Pauly Shore at Brea Improv
    Friday-Sunday, November 28-30
    8PM and 10PM (Friday), 7PM and 9PM (Saturday) and 7PM (Sunday)
    120 S. Brea Boulevard, Brea

    "Weasels Rip My Flesh" and "Long Island Cannibal Massacre"
    Saturday, November 29, 10PM
    Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles