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AFI FEST 2010 Feels the "Love"

The gravitas-filled film party is on now. Tickets are free, too.



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    Love & Other Drugs
    "Love & Other Drugs" plays at AFI FEST 2010.

    There's no way to go one better on the words "free tickets."

    Just absolutely no way. Those are just about the two nicest and rarest words in the world, and when they pop up on occasion, like they have in relation to the AFI FEST 2010, well, you kind of want to surround them with golden glitter and pretty cut-out stars and stand back and just admire.

    Screenings gone gratis, courtesy of Audi and more nice supportive-type people, is certainly one of the headlines of the always-major festival, which is taking place from Nov. 4-11 at spots around Hollywood Boulevard (think the Hollywood Roosevelt to Egyptian and places in-between).

    But there are other headlines. Like David Lynch being this year's Guest Artistic Director; the always dapper director will be screening and talking about "Eraserhead" and "Sunset Boulevard" at The Egyptian on Saturday, Nov. 6. Yeah. Those free seats went fast. As slow as Norma Desmond walks down her staircase at the end of "Sunset," but only the opposite.

    There are midnight to-dos and world cinema spotlights and new filmmakers to fete and all of the usual cinematic frippery such a festival brings. "Love & Other Drugs," the Gyllenhaal'd, be-Hathaway'd romance, will get things heated up on opening night at the Chinese Theatre. More golden glitter and pretty cut-out stars, for sure. Lots more.