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Absinthe Tasting Party at Hollywood Forever



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    The green fairy flies tomorrow night at Hollywood Forever. Dare you sample it?

    The green fairy flirted with 19th-century poets given to dramatic proclamations of undying love. We're excited to make a few proclamations of our own at an absinthe-tasting party at Hollywood Forever tomorrow night. Will we wave a lace hankie and bawl, then retreat to write a sonnet? Chances are good.

    But a few questions cross the mind. Sipping liquor in a cemetery? It is October, after all, and it isn't the first time such a thing has been done at Hollywood Forever, the location of the popular summer film screening series. And, isn't absinthe, noted for making the drinker see stars after a few sips, illegal or something? It was, for a long time, but starting last year a couple of brands were okayed to be sold in the States (absinthe production has long been on the rise around Europe, and is currently quite in vogue). We're pretty sure the wormwood-based elixir isn't quite as potent as when the great writers of yore were chugging it 24/7, but still, we plan on eating a hearty meal beforehand.

    The party at Hollywood Forever is semi-formal, so break out that engraved pocket watch, boa or feathery hat. If we had spats we'd wear 'em. Anyone know where we can pick some spats up asap?

    L'Absinthe C'est La Mort
    Hollywood Forever, 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood
    Friday, October 17, 9PM
    $20 (absinthe not included in admission)