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All Aboard for Father's Day

Does Dad like trains? Magic? Classic TV?



    All Aboard for Father's Day
    Fillmore & Western Railway
    The Fillmore & Western Railway has two Father's Day trips for 2010.

    Hi, dads everywhere. Sunday, June 20 is your big day. After the opening of cards and various soap-on-a-ropery, we're betting you might want to head out to...

    The Fillmore & Western Railway: The historic, Fillmore-based train is doing two Father's Day rides on June 20, but we're betting Dad might like the Viva La Margarita trip on Saturday, June 19. Shared margaritas and fatherly anecdotes and orange groves passing by out the window equals a very good day.

    "My Three Sons" 50th Anniversary: We know a few fathers -- and grandpas, too -- who learned a lot about fatherly advice and family togetherness from this famous sitcom. A lot of the stars will be at the Paley Center on Saturday, June 19. A nice surprise for the dad who grew up with the show? Yes.

    Magicopolis: A magic show, comped popcorn and sodas, and hanging with the Popster on Father's Day afternoon. There are several dads out there who can use some tips on the whole "pulling a quarter out of a person's ear" trick. Maybe this performance will inspire them to go home and work on those skills. In Santa Monica, 2 p.m.