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All-Recliner Movie Theater Ready to Relax LA



    All-Recliner Movie Theater Ready to Relax LA
    Gold Class Cinemas
    The Gold Class Cinemas are heading for Pasadena in December.

    Televisions grow gargantuan and living rooms become professional theaters. Likewise, touches from home continue to pop up by the popcorn counter.

    Theater owners haven't installed tiny refrigerators underneath movie seats yet (that's probably coming), but Gold Class Cinemas has gained fame for a particularly comfy staple: recliners. It is, in fact, known as the all-recliner theater. And those take-a-load-off chairs are wheeling into Pasadena starting in December, when Gold Class opens its fourth outpost, and only location in the Golden State.

    The roomy recliner, in fact, has become a sybaritic symbol of the chain, as have the gourmet eats and adult bevs they serve at the petite tables stationed next to the plush places to crash.

    Initial thoughts: A) We're all about recliners, a chilled glass of vino, and grown-up movie, so we applaud the concept. B) We can't ever see movies too late, after an exhausting workday, because we might snooze once we're prostrate and cozied up with a complimentary pillow and blanket. And C) do we get to keep any nickels or dimes we find in the cushions?

    Gold Class currently has a theater in Illinois and one in Washington State; a second Illinois theater will open later this fall.