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B-R-I-N-G I-T, L-O-S A-N-G-E-L-E-S

A crossword tournament for crossword lovers.



    B-R-I-N-G I-T, L-O-S A-N-G-E-L-E-S
    If you love crosswords, clear your schedule on May 1, 2010.

    The thing is, and it is a very impressive thing, is that often you see a crossword tournament on television, or in a movie, and the players have their pens poised above all those empty squares, and then suddenly -- vmoosh! -- every square is filled, in an instant.

    Impressive, like we said. And intimidating. Maybe you're really good at crossword puzzles, love 'em, but you don't want to compete in such a serious setting. We get that, and that's why we're imploring you to go to the Crosswords LA Tournament on Saturday, May 1 to find your groove.

    Imploring. What's a nine-letter word for pushing someone politely?

    The place is Loyola Marymount, the players are everyone and anyone crazy for crosswords. Players are filed in several categories, from Rookie to Expert; you can even play Doubles with a friend.

    In other words, there is a category for you, whatever your level.

    And, adding the conviviality of the day, there will be comic banter from hosts. There will be lunch. Mmm, Cobb salad. There will be a non-competitive group, if you just want to kick back and fill in 12-down or 20-across at your leisure.

    Tickets are $30 for those competing, $15 for those watching those competing. Reading to Kids benefits.

    Also, a random add. This is the first event we've come across where they ask you if you're a righty or lefty in advance. Seating arrangements and all that. Thoughtful.