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"Baby It's You" Opens at the Pasadena Playhouse



    "Baby It's You" Opens at the Pasadena Playhouse

    The musical "Baby It’s You" opens Friday for a six-week run at the Pasadena Playhouse, with plans for Broadway in the spring.

    The true story of the woman who set out to change music in the 60’s is a story few people know. But before there was the Shirelles, or any girl group that followed, there was Florence Greenberg.

    Her story was that of a pampered New Jersey housewife living the American Dream. But for Florence, her real life was far from her own dreams.

    Captivated by Florence’s story, Floyd Mutrux set out to create "Baby It’s You," a musical about the housewife’s rise to stardom as a famous record producer.

    "Baby It's You" Opens at Pasadena Playhouse

    [LA] "Baby It's You" Opens at Pasadena Playhouse
    Florence Greenberg, a housewife from New Jersey, got the itch to get into the music business. The Shirelles were her first success -- now her story is told on stage, with all the music and the drama of her life.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009)

    “It was all there, the music the drama the interracial love story,” Mutrux said. “The story wrote itself, we just had to make sure to get out of the way.”

    Floyd’s wife Brigitta said the choreography for the show was all about respecting the time.

    “I always waited for the drama,” Brigitta said. “Then I waited for the music because the show is not about the dance it’s about the story.”

    Some of the cast is clearly too young to know the music if it weren’t for family.

    “My parents played this music at house parties,” said cast member Berendo Drake. “I heard this music and that is how I know the songs.”

    Others said "Baby It’s You" is just a part of their musical journey.

    “I know these songs and I grew up with these songs,” said actor Geno Henderson. “For me it’s fulfilling to be able to sing them and play these characters.”

    "Baby It’s You" jumps from a 99-seat theater to the Pasadena Playhouse with plans underway for Broadway in the spring. But for now, the cast is just focused on the opening night.

    “Maybe after we get comfortable with the show we can think about opening in New York,” said actress Meeghan Hollaway. “But right now it’s all about can we open on Friday?”

    "Baby It’s You" will be at the Pasadena Playhouse for six weeks. This baby has learned how to walk, sing, dance and maybe will even enjoy an extended run.