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Ballet at the Alexandria Hotel

It's a night of Cuban ballet, at a fabled hotel.



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    Blankenship Ballet
    The Blankenship Ballet performs at the Alexandria's Palm Court on Saturday, May 22.

    It was just a few weeks back that the Collage Dance Theatre held a performance in a local laundromat.

    Now the Blankenship Ballet will be staging a work in the elegant and mysterious Palm Court, located in the Alexandria Hotel downtown. The night is Saturday, May 22, time's 8 p.m., tickets are $40 ahead of time.

    Plies and leaps in an offbeat venue is not new to the company. The Blankenship, in fact, says it is "continuing its goal of revitalizing eclectic and historic buildings by transforming them into glorious arts venues."

    Applauding that. Also applauding the chance to see several acclaimed dancers; many of the Blankenship artists have worked with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba.

    One more add. If there is a more spectacular ceiling in all of downtown -- okay, Bradbury, you are most definitely up there -- we would love to know about it. The Palm Court is a prize.