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Baseball-Loving Knitters Make for Dodger Stadium



    Baseball-Loving Knitters Make for Dodger Stadium
    Dodgers fans will be out knitting and cheering on the team at Elysian Park on Friday, July 17th

    If you've ever known a knitter, you know they can do like 43 different things while they're click-click-clicking away. They'll chat with you, tell jokes, chop wood, fry an egg, brush the dog, invent a new kind of front door, do long division, and then -- voila! -- they'll pull a darling baby sweater out of their lap. Done. Easy.

    It's something we've long admired about the people who have a knack we've long admired; we like their ability to enjoy and excel at a fulfilling pursuit while participating in other activities. And one of those activities, for many knitters, is watching baseball. It's no surprise then that Stitch N' Pitch, a group of knitting baseball lovers, can often be seen at games around the country, needles clicking, yarn unballing.

    Stitch N' Pitch is headed for Elysian Park on Friday, July 17th, to see the Dodgers face the Astros; if you see a happy group of people all carrying yarn-laden bags, be not surprised. And if you'd like to join with your own yarn-laden bag, you can. Figure if you like baseball and the needle-based arts, the potential for making like-minded friends during this outing is high.

    We're going to predict that blue yarn will rule the night. Blue scarves, blue mittens, blue shawls...