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Be a Mummy, Maybe See "Mummies" for Free

If you know your mummy costumes, read on.



    Be a Mummy, Maybe See "Mummies" for Free
    A mummy costume may nab you tickets to the California Science Center's "Mummies" exhibit.

    Possibly one of the most fascinating and even startling moments of childhood happens on the first museum field trip. That's when many a tyke comes to learn that a real, centuries-upon-centuries-old mummy doesn't actually look all that much like the plastic, shiny suits for sale on aisle two at the local drugstore.

    And yet, every Halloween the classic mummy movies replay on television, and the mummy outfits make an appearance at parties everywhere. It's a rare opportunity when museum mummy and play mummy cross paths, but it is happening, now, courtesy of the California Science Center.

    The gist: Make a really excellent mummy costume and enter for your chance at tickets to the "Mummies of the World" exhibition at the science-minded institution. (Kudos to Discover LA for shining the light on this one.)

    You'll need to send in a picture, and you'll need to do so by Thursday, Oct. 21. If you're a seasoned mummy, bravo. If you've never gone the wrap-making route, there are tips everywhere, but we just saw Martha Stewart dipping cloth in a coffee-based mixture in her latest Halloween special.

    Discover LA points out that two exhibition tickets have a $40 value, so keep that in mind as you wrap away.