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Belle, Beast, and You, Together in Song (and Snow)

You know the words to "Beauty and the Beast."



    Belle, Beast, and You, Together in Song (and Snow)
    The Walt Disney Company
    The "Beauty and the Beast" Sing-a-Long plays at the El Capitan through Thursday, Oct. 7.

    Funny how the weather -- and really hot weather -- can change the reason why we might do something.

    For example. We were pretty excited to tell everyone who attended the Sing-a-Long "Sound of Music" at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night about the sing-a-long "Beauty and the Beast" going on now at the El Capitan.

    Because sing-a-long people? Have trouble. Trouble saying no to another sing-a-long. We're one.

    But this wave of hotness has us thinking about warbling along with Belle in a new way. The thought of sitting in that beautiful theater and staying cool while watching Belle and Beast romp in the snow appeals greatly. You know the scene. And a giant chateau? That might be on the chilly side? Wonderful today.

    On a side note, we saw Belle walking around Disneyland on a true roaster of a day, and she looked fresh as a proverbial daisy. Or should we say rose? We know our "Beauty and the Beast" iconography. Anyway, that pretty, tra-la-la Belle, out there in her big, foldy yellow dress, made us stop complaining about the temps for two seconds.

    The Sing-a-Long "Beauty and the Beast" opened at the El Cap on Friday, Sept. 24 and runs through Thursday, Oct. 7.