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Betty White Honored by LA Zoo

America's Sweetheart is a friend of the zoo.



    Betty White Honored by LA Zoo
    Tad Motoyama
    Betty White will be honored at the 2010 Beastly Ball at the LA Zoo.

    There was so much excited speculation following Betty White's triumphant "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig earlier this month.

    What would the comedian do next? Host the Emmys? Host the Oscars? Host the Tonys? All at the same time? Seemed quite possible.

    But in the very short term, at least, Ms. White will be visiting the Los Angeles Zoo's Beastly Ball, where she has been named the 2010 honoree.

    The ball is scheduled for Saturday, June 19 at the Los Angeles Zoo. Is there a dressy air? Yes. Visiting with the animals after hours? Indeed. Star sightings? For sure.

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    The comedian is, in fact, a trustee for the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA). She's also, as of 2006, "Ambassador to the Animals of the City of Los Angeles," so named by Mayor Villaigorosa.

    The co-chairs of the event are worth a nod as well. Sir Elton John? On there. So is Sandra Bullock. Jay Leno and Alex Trebeck, too. And Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Feinstein.

    Tickets are $1000 each. Money raised goes to various zoo projects and programs supported by GLAZA.