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Beyond the Green Thing, Absinthe is a Mystery to Us



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    Oh, the chartreuse-iest of sips. Learn about absinthe at Morton's in Beverly Hills, on Tuesday, February 24.

    If anything soothes our unease during these traffic-weary, bill-weary, did-he-just-really-write-that-about-our-date-on-his-blog-weary days, it is a tasting. Oh, we relish sniffing things, biting things, holding our eye up to things, and having an expert in the field tell us what we're looking for/tasting for/sniffing for exactly.

    At Absinthe: The Green Hour, a one-night tasting event at the Beverly HillsMorton's: The Steakhouse, that expert hails from Pernod, the house of anise-flavored deliciousness and libations that have long packed a poet-pleasing punch. Absinthe aficionados will learn the history of this fabled drink, why artists considered it la creme de la creme, and how to enjoy it (even if you've never penned a sonnet in your life). On the pour: absinthe, a concoction made with absinthe called Monkey Gland, the raspberry-wild Le Duecce and -- happy Fat Tuesday! -- Sazerac.

    To assail the famished, Morton's is also dishing up easy-to-pop bites like sliced tenderloin on crostini and oysters Rockefeller.

    Absinthe: The Green Hour
    Tuesday, February 24
    $45 (including tax/gratuity)
    435 S. La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills
    310-246-1501 (reservations)