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Black Hills Meet Orange County

You can meet the Mount Rushmore presidents on Presidents Day.



    Black Hills Meet Orange County
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    Meet a quartet of Rushmore presidents at the Nixon Library on Monday, Feb. 21.

    It's a bit of a drive from here to Mount Rushmore, which is famously located in South Dakota's beautiful Black Hills. Still, don't be daunted by that fact. Go, and if you've been, implore others to do the same; because everyone should see it, because the "wow" factor is pretty much off the "wow"-factor-scale, right?

    But Yorba Linda, and the Nixon Library, are very close. And the four presidents whose visages grace the front of the famous South Dakota mountaintop will be calling at the Library on Monday, Feb. 21, which happens to be Presidents Day. So that's handy for remembering.

    Also adding the holiday's celebratory spirit: free admission. So you can enter the Museum, without paying a thing, and then heartily shake President Roosevelt's hand (we'd thank him for all the good work he did on getting the national park system going).

    Oh yes. And there will be cherry pie for the first 100 people to show. Free cherry pie. Cherries, Washington? There's a presidential theme to the day.

    We'd also be there during the roundtable discussion, where the presidents will chat about "America's role in the world during their respective terms in office." That sounds even more promising than free cherry pie. Get times and details.