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Bourdain on a Plate of Royce

The cook/author stops by UCLA to talk "Medium Raw."



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    Anthony Bourdain talks "Medium Raw" at Royce Hall on Wednesday, June 16.

    As Angelenos, it is our duty to be semi-obsessed with hyphenates.

    We all know one, or just broke up with one, or are one, or aspire to be one. Model-actor is up there in the ranks. So is writer-director. But how about famously-mouthy-and-charming-cook-and-bestselling-author-and-TV-host?

    Yep, we're talking about Anthony Bourdain, the man who has one singularly spectacular hyphenate going. We're not jealous. We just want to bask in his food tales and kitchen anecdotes and stories from his globetrotting and tripe-and-innard-eating adventures.

    He's at Royce Hall on Wednesday, June 16. He also has a new book out called "Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook."

    There's a "no holds barred question and answer session" promised, too. You know you've got some searing mise en place issues. Best bring 'em to the table. Mr. Bourdain is sure to oblige.

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