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Bugs Bunny and the Aero Theatre Egg Hunt



    Bugs Bunny and the Aero Theatre Egg Hunt
    The Aero screens Bugs Bunny shorts on Saturday, April 23.

    Does the Easter Bunny know Bugs Bunny? Seeing as they're about the two most famous lagomorphs in the world -- with a tip of the hat to Peter Cottontail and the March Hare -- you have to figure they probably are well acquainted. Like, go-out-for-a-couple-of-carrots-at-the-end-of-the-workday acquainted.

    Thus, the pairing of Bugs-cute cartoons and an Easter egg hunt seem an apt fit. But we're not talking about any egg hunt; we're talking about an egg hunt inside a movie theater. And not just any theater, but the historic Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.

    It's unusual for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs in a spot that isn't a home or yard, so we're intrigued. The date is also intriguing: Saturday, April 23, meaning the big bunny is going to get some egg-hiding practice in on Easter Eve. Time is 4 p.m., meaning the bunny will also be home in time to get some shut-eye. He needs it in order to fulfill that whole bright-eyed/bushy-tailed thing.

    Candy is promised for intrepid Aero egg-finders. But, of course, the memory of looking for eggs in a movie theater will also be one of the prizes. If we had searched for eggs in a theater as a mere whelp, we'd probably still be talking about it.

    And, as mentioned, the Aero will be screening a few Bugs Bunny shorts, plus a classic Buster Keaton, in addition to the hunt. Have the kids seen Buster yet? Lots of laughs. Then, now, and forever. Laughs aplenty.