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Burts, En Masse, Roam the Beach

Burt's Bees heads for Venice for a day.



    Burts, En Masse, Roam the Beach
    Burt's Bees
    Find Your Burt with Burt's Bees at Venice Beach on Friday, April 2.

    What was it? Maybe a couple of years ago, when we saw several gentlemen, each wearing a brightly hued unitard, bicycling down Abbot Kinney. And we thought, well, yes. Things are as they should be.

    So if we hadn't read that Burt's Bees would be heading for Venice on Friday, April 2, and that there would be several people dressed like the company's famous head Burt Shavitz, we don't know that we would have been all that surprised if we'd seen a pack of similarly dressed Burts walking around the beachy community.

    Nope, not surprised, but assuredly delighted. And now that we know about it, we're talking about it, especially since the midday event is raising Earth Day awareness, in addition to being purely outlandish. And very, very Friday-ish.

    If you love everything Burt's Bees, best find yourself in the area between 11 a.m and 3 p.m.-ish. Do you have the scent of the Peppermint Foot Lotion in your head now? We bet.