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Cali Pug Becomes Earth Day Video Star

Puglet shows us all how easy it is to do earth-nice things.



    Cali Pug Becomes Earth Day Video Star
    The Daily Puglet
    Puglet, of The Daily Puglet, has a hot video this Earth Day.

    Puglet is a San Franciscan with his own blog and, yes, video channel.

    Man, San Francisco. Even your dogs are out there, creating and hamming it up and being interesting. Teensy smidge of SoCal/NorCal jealousy, we're having.

    But there's more to this snub-nosed wheezer than simply jumping around for the camera. Puglet has a whole video about recycling and being green going, and golly if that thing isn't raking in the hits this Earth Day.

    Because if a tiny, tongue-wagging beast lacking the ability to use a smart phone can have it together, can't we all? Watch it and enjoy, and see if you don't post it somewhere.

    Puglet, what's next? Advice on mixing the perfect Tom Collins? The best way to reupholster a sofa? Show us.