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Can You Handle Clown Camp?

On Weary Willie Day, let's drink to professional jesters.



    Can You Handle Clown Camp?
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    December 9 is a big day for clowns. Hats and noses off to Weary Willie and his sad-is-funny legacy.

    December 9 is Weary Willie Day (obviously). For those behind on their clown intel, Weary Willie, aka Emmett Kelly, was one of the world's most beloved tramp clowns. The sad-faced maestro has his own museum and holds a coveted spot in the Clown Hall of Fame.
    If your heart yearns to free its inner Willie, put your red honker on and get to Clown Camp.
    Some of the more advanced skills include plate spinning, stage combat, and the savory sounding Spit Takes/Pie Gag routine.

    If you just want to toast to Weary Willie and the deep impact clowns in general have on all our lives (good and bad) head to Jumbo's Clown Room. There are no clowns (unless you count that drunk guy who keeps bumping into you) but there are lovely "starlets" wearing conveniently placed tassels.