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Chairs Join the Glendale Eastwood Cut-Out

Post-RNC, a trail-close homage to the actor acquires a couple of seats



    Eastwood Cutout Gets "Obama" Chair, and a Visitor

    In a nod to Clint Eastwood's unusual speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention, two empty chairs have been placed next to a Glendale hillside public art installation that's a cut-out of the iconic film actor. When NewsChopper 4 flew over the hill to get a closer look Tuesday, a local newspaper photographer there snapping pictures got in on the action: He took President Barack Obama's seat. Raul Roa, a photographer for the Los Angeles Times Community News division, tweeted: "I think the #NBC4 chopper got me taking pics of this. He hovered for a bit." Raw Video. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012)

    As marketers and musicians and anyone who does anything online ever look for the next great way to make something viral, they only need to look to the lessons of the meme inspired by Clint Eastwood's chair-adjacent appearance at last week's Republican National Convention in Tampa.

    One? A national stage is good. Two? A world-famous movie star helps. And three? If a humble, everyday object is involved, one that people can easily acquire to re-stage and pay homage to the event in various ways: Bingo!

    Look no further than the kitchen chair, and chair-inspired art, suddenly appearing alongside the Clint Eastwood cut-out that has stood near a Glendale hiking trail for a good long while prior to Mr. Eastwood's now-fabled appearance at the RNC.

    Chairs have started to appear next to the cut-out -- two thus far -- and people are making the hike up to chronicle the moment, people like LA Times Community News photographer Raul Roa, who is pictured above in video taken from a NBC LA chopper.

    Mr. Roa went on to tweet: "I think the NBCLA chopper got me taking pics of this. He hovered for a bit."

    What's next for the Western-cool cut-out and its sudden seating? Either take a hike or keep an eye on this space.

    This might be one meme that has (chair) legs.

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