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Chicken-Boy Saviors Receive Award

The team will receive a 2010 Governor's Preservation Award



    Chicken Boy will live to cluck another day.

    Thanks to some local residents, the historic roadside landmark giant 22-foot half-man, half-chicken will remain in its Highland Park home.

    Led by artist Amy Inouye, the team was given a 2010 Governor's Historic Preservation award Friday for their efforts to save the giant statue.

    Chicken Boy originally was a part of a fried chicken stand, dating back to the '60s. After the stand closed, the hybrid man-chicken was moved and eventually placed atop the rooftop of Future Studio Design, off the famous Route 66.

    Long Live Chicken-Boy

    [LA] Long Live Chicken-Boy
    A preservationist receives an award for saving Chicken-Boy.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 22, 2010)