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Choco-Sutra at Avalon

The Bev Hills hotel is setting out the chocolate. A lot of it.



    Choco-Sutra at Avalon
    Avalon Beverly Hills
    Choco-Sutra is making Fridays and Saturdays richer at Avalon Beverly Hills.

    Our weekly calendar often has stars on Friday and Saturday, meaning, these are the days when we can live outside the lines a little.

    And while "living outside the lines" means different things to different people, we can all probably agree that "chocolate" is or can be involved somehow. Enter Choco-Sutra, the new Friday-and-Saturday-night-only party at Avalon Beverly Hills.

    The name is catchy, and so is the spread: Triple Chocolate Truffle Pizzettas. And White Chocolate Martinis. And other things of a velvety, cocoa-ish nature, all for the choosing/chewing.

    Choco-Sutra is going down at Oliverio, so it'll be some swanky chocolate-enjoying, too. It's $50 a couple, or $28 on your own. An interesting and sweet alternative to dinner and a movie? We'll raise a White Chocolate Martini to that.

    Choco-Sutra debuted at Avalon Beverly Hills on Friday, Dec. 10.