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Corey Haim Remembered at New Bev Tribute

The movie house looks back at "Lucas."



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    Actor Corey Haim will be remembered at a New Beverly tribute on Friday, March 12.

    New Beverly Cinema is the perfect place.

    Well, in general, of course. But the Beverly Boulevard movie house is the perfect place to look back at a talented actor via one of his biggest movies. That actor is Corey Haim, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 38. And that movie is "Lucas," a teenage tear-jerker that has continued to receive the big-screen treatment well after its 1986 release.

    The New Bev just sent out the word on Wednesday that they've scheduled a midnight screening of "Lucas" on Friday, March 12 (well, 11:59 p.m.). Tickets are $7. You loved "Lucas" and that certain era? You want to pay tribute to Mr. Haim? This is the place.