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Dancing Aluminum from the Future

Recycled materials will writhe and boogie in LBC.



    Dancing Aluminum from the Future
    Kfir Bolotin
    "The Aluminum Show" is at the Carpenter Center in Long Beach on Saturday, March 12. (photo by Kfir Bolotin)

    Bruce Willis and various action-hero-ry may, from time to time, climb in pipes and tubes, the better to escape/pursue the baddie, but rare is the chance to see those silverly bits of room stuff on a stage, dancing.

    Now that we think about it, that might be the perfect ending to a big action movie. Spontaneous air-duct chorus line. The baddie'll be agog.

    "The Aluminum Show," which will be at the Carpenter Center on Saturday, March 12, combines human artistry with "recycled materials from industrial facilities." The dancers sometimes are inside the pieces, or holding them, or larking about them. Whatever the relationship is, it is a stunning and surreal effect.

    There are futuristic themes afoot, and cheekiness, and whizbangery. Not necessarily in that order.

    If you miss the Long Beach night, note the show will be in Lancaster for a couple of performances next week.

    Oh, and there's video. Suddenly you want to go find some foil and play, we bet.