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Decompressing, Post-Burning Man, in LA

Fans of the fest are gathering to "decom."



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    John Curley/Burning Man
    The LA Burning Man Decompression Event is on Saturday, Oct. 2.

    Maybe you could take off the week before Labor Day, due to various accounts and meetings. Maybe you did go, but you didn't get to see all the art and music that Black Rock City had to offer.

    And maybe you were there and the whole spectacular just overloaded your senses and has put ideas aglow in your head. You probably need to decompress a bit, so it is a good thing that The LA League of Arts is throwing the LA Burning Man Decompression Arts and Music Festival on Saturday, Oct. 2 at Los Angeles State Historic Park.

    It's shortened to LA Decom -- shouldn't every happening that's been around for the better part of a decade have a catchy nickname -- and it will be full of some of the hallmarks of the desert party, including puppetry, performance, and dance. And theme camps, of course. If you thought "decompressing" meant sitting around and thinking quiet thoughts, think again.

    Of course, you're welcome to do that, but a puppet may watch you while you're thinking.

    All the decommery lasts 12 hours -- noon to midnight -- and costs $20. While Los Angeles State Historic Park is much closer to civilization, geographically and spiritually and emotionally and every other -ly than Black Rock -- bet the day'll catch some of the spirit of the celebration. You may need to do a bit of decom from Decom 2010.