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Dig Joni? Catch a "Big Yellow Taxi" (with a Twist)



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Josef Astor
    Artist John Kelly portrays Joni Mitchell at the Hammer Museum, on Tuesday, January 6

    We've all had our LA-ish experiences; up there for us was seeing Ms. Joni Mitchell driving up Laurel Canyon one glorious autumn afternoon (if only "Ladies of the Canyon" had actually been coming out of our car speakers at that moment). If you've never seen Joni in person, maybe the next best thing -- or just another wonderful thing entirely -- would be to catch New York artist John Kelly portraying the legendary chanteuse and famous explainer of emotions, broken relationships and fragile hopes. The performer has paid affectionate tribute to other icons (like Jackie Kennedy), so we're guessing he knows his stuff through and through.

    Donning a wig, a guitar, the iconic easy-flow garb and other Joni-esque accouterments, Kelly summons all that is "Blue" and beautiful and heartache-inspiring about the woman who provided much of the singer-songwriter-y sound of Southern California in the 1970s. More than an impersonation, expect Kelly's reverential take to transcend mimicking mannerisms and grasp something great about a person who created such a singular sound and, really, approach to self-confessional music.

    We'll just have to fight the urge to sing along with "A Case of You" and the oh-so-SoCal "River" (although we probably can't help ourselves).

    Paved Paradise: Redux -- The Songs of Joni Mitchell
    Tuesday, January 6, 8PM
    The Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles