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Double the Oktoberfest Pleasure

Montrose and Arrowhead "hop" into the festive fray.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Where will you raise a stein over the first weekend of October?

    Old World Village in Huntington Beach and Alpine Village in Torrance, please know that we're not addressing you.

    You're already well into the swing of Oktoberfest-y things. You have been for a few weeks now. You get the party started well ahead of the year's tenth month, the very month that is your party's namesake. So you're free to read on, or your free to go do something else. Make mustard. Oktoberfest mustard is the tastiest mustard.

    We're here to talk about Montrose and Lake Arrowhead, which are both launching their Oktoberfests over the first weekend of October. We should say that Montrose's merriment is a one-day-only affair -- Saturday, Oct. 2 -- while Lake Arrowhead's oompahing will happen every weekend through Saturday, Oct. 30.

    The Montrose Oktoberfest has a sausage-eating competition and a call for best-dressed pup. Plus, all the charms of a free Montrosian street fair. Any SoCaler that isn't charmed by Montrose -- well, we won't finish that sentence. Such a person likely does not exist.

    The Lake Arrowhead Oktoberfest offers that stunning mountain setting, chicken dancing, and really hearty eats. You want to eat hearty with that all that clean air. That's our excuse, anyway. Plus, Oktoberfest mustard. Just tastes better.