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Dresden-Close "Swingers" Screening



    Dresden-Close "Swingers" Screening
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    The movie that launched a thousand clumsy dances. "Swingers" encouraged late '90s twenty- and thirty-somethings to drink martinis, listen to big bands and try to imagine pretty women as harmless little bunnies. Dark cinema, indeed.

    Happy news for screening and sipping aficionados: Barnsdall Art Park is going to start screening movies on a regular basis, in addition to its various sunset-y libation tastings. And the Barnsdall people are kicking off the Barnsdall Outdoor Movie Nights with the perfect flick. It's "Swingers," which, of course, smooched on the whole Los Feliz/Silver Lake area something fierce back in 1996.

    You're thinking of the 818/310 joke. The New Beverly schedule on Ron Livingston's fridge. Or was it Jon Favreau's? And, of course, the Dresden, and Marty and Elayne singing "Staying Alive" with tons of oomph and dazzle.

    Should you walk up to the Dresden and take in a performance by Los Feliz's celebrated lounge-lovin' couple after the credits? Probably. We like watching a film, and then immediately being able to be in one of the locations, drinking the same drinks the characters were just drinking. Sitting in the same booth, maybe. Because that is a privilege of living here. And a joy.

    The movie starts at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 5th, there will be a beer tasting from Silverlake Wine, picnics are allowed, donations/costs vary -- $10 for the film, more for the tasting -- so check out the haps/costs/details. Arriving very early is advised.