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Ed Helms of "The Office" (and Puppets, Too)



    Ed Helms of "The Office" (and Puppets, Too)
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    Ed Helms is at the UCB on Saturday, March 28.

    In a show absolutely flooded with funny, delightful, we-know-someone-just-like-that-guy characters, Andy Bernard -- "The Nard Dog" -- is maybe our favorite "The Office" worker. His preppy style, his earnest romancing of Angela, his love of a cappella singing charms. Ed Helms, the actor behind The Nard Dog, was also hilarious during his stint on "The Daily Show," so we're fully expecting his stage show at the Upright Citizens Brigade to be equally able to split the sides.

    That Mr. Helms is paired with the also highly amusing Seth Morris of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is a big bonus. And a bigger bonus, especially for fans of the puppet-based arts, is that the show is called Seth and Ed's Puppet Talk Show and it is just that. A talk show, with puppets. The only way that might get better is if we were eating a giant plate of onion rings with a side of ranch dressing while watching it. Maybe they'll let us.

    Seth and Ed's Puppet Talk Show
    Saturday, March 28, 10PM
    UCB Theatre, 5919 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles. 323-908-8702