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Eddie Izzard. That Is All.

The comedian returns for two LA shows.



    Eddie Izzard. That Is All.
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    Eddie Izzard is at the Nokia Theatre on Friday, January 29th and Saturday, January 30th.

    You know the pre-laughing, right?

    It's where you're laughing but nothing funny has even been said yet. It's a rare phenomenon, but we saw it first-hand at the Eddie Izzard show at the Kodak back in the summer of 2008.

    Mr. Izzard, who will be at the Nokia Theatre at LA Live on Friday, January 29th, and Saturday, January 30th, hadn't even walked on stage yet, and audience members were already guffawing. Not because of idle chitchat with their friends. Because there was going to be too much laughter in the comedian's show, so they had to spend a little bit of it in advance.

    We're not joking. We're pre-pre-pre-laughing right now, hours ahead of his first Nokia show, just thinking of the funny. The James Mason impressions, the quirky questions about life and the universe, his inimitable dinosaur roars. Oh, and the Darth Vadar sketch, which you've watched like five times, right? (There's a hint of language, fyi.)

    Not sure Darth'll show up tonight, but you know it'll be good. Because you're already pre-laughing.