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Endeavour's Weekend-Long Welcome Party

Astronauts, rovers, and a certain shuttle get the California Science Center spotlight.



    Endeavour's Weekend-Long Welcome Party
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    SpaceFest celebrates the arrival of the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center through Sunday, Nov. 4.

    When you get a new neighbor you usually have a few wishes. One? They don't block your driveway or apartment door with cars or bikes. Two? If they're good bakers, they slip you the occasional loaf of banana bread. And three? They don't start up with the parties right away.

    There is an exception to rule #3, however, and its name is the Space Shuttle Endeavour. If you're Endeavour, you pretty much have carte blanche on the whole "partying upon moving into your new digs" rule, in our book. And the world-famous ride, the celebrated new neighbor to all Southern Californians, is doing just that. The bash is called SpaceFest and it is on all weekend long at the California Science Center.

    What's happening at this welcome, get-to-know-your-shuttle bash? NASA -- we love starting sentences with the word NASA, almost regardless of where the sentence goes -- "will present over three dozen exhibits, displays, and educational demonstrations honoring aeronautics and space explorations past, present, and future." Nice.

    There will be astronaut presentations. That is an automatic fist pump to the sky, right there.

    There will be Mars Rover chitchat. Remember Mars Rover, another feather is SoCal's hat? It's been quite the cosmic year for our metropolis, hasn't it?

    There will be a geodesic dome, our favorite type of dome, and flight-suit demos.

    While our fervent wish is that future space professionals hail from everywhere, don't you wonder, a bit, if a lot of SoCal young'uns won't one day lean toward a cosmic career now that they can call the shuttle a neighbor? It's all positive. And if your aspiring astronaut wants more, best get to SpaceFest before it wraps on Sunday, Nov. 4.

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