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Facebook: The Play

Is your page stage-worthy? Find out Wednesdays at Upright Citizens Brigade.



    Facebook: The Play
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    Is this how you'll feel if you're picked to air your Facebook life on stage? On Wednesdays, members of the Upright Citizens Brigade are more than happy to use your status for comedic gain.

    You know you're a pop culture phenom when someone does a play about you. Remember 'Batboy'? 'The Brady Bunch'? Comedic gem Upright Citizens Brigade showcases 'Facebook (formerly Myspace)' on Wednesdays. Brigaders pick two audience members to volunteer their pages and the actors improvise based on their profiles, pictures and status updates.

    Depending on who gets chosen, this could either be a hilarious window into the daily grind of online relationships -- or a very embarrassing night for you. Either way it's brilliantly of-the-moment, a specialty of this troupe. UCB rarely disappoints, and the show's been lauded by multiple LA publications. For $5, that's a no-brainer.

    Before or after the show, grab a beverage at Birds or the Bourgeois Pig next door. Parking's a drag, though. Plan to valet or catch a bus.

    'Facebook (formerly Myspace)'
    Wednesdays 9:30PM
    Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
    5919 Franklin Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90028