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Fandango's In-Phone Movie Tickets

No more forgetting the ticket print-outs at home.



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    The Mobile Ticket, from Fandango

    We'll 'fess up to some hemming and hawing about posting this one.

    Because we like to talk, if possible, about how things relate to life in LA. We're just selfishly LA-centric, is all. And this new nifty futuristic helpful thing that Fandango debuted at ShoWest a few days back isn't up for its Los Angeles premiere just yet.

    But. It haunted us. The idea. In a good way. And we find we cannot not talk about it.

    What is it? It's the Mobile Ticket, which sends movie tickets straight to the buyer's phone. No queuing at the theater counter. No meaning to print out the tickets at home, and then forgetting, and then blaming loved ones, and bickering pointlessly in the theater lobby.

    Now you'll have a handy barcode, on your phone's screen, that will tell the ticket taker that you are allowed entry.

    Bonus: No smart phone needed. A lot of phones'll work with the system.

    Now the non-LA part: The program is launching in just a handful of theaters in a handful of cities -- among them, Bakersfield and San Diego -- and so if we really, really want to see how it all works, to those cities we must go. Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more.

    But please, Fandango, give Los Angeles a chance soon. Rumor is we like movies here. Aw, c'mon. We make the movies! We want that barcode. Give.