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Fathers Free at Fred Willard Night

Fred and your father. A holiday of singular perfection.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Fred Willard gets the Cinefamily tribute on Sunday, June 20.

    There's some sort of law in the universe that goes vaguely like this: When one gets the opportunity to see Fred Willard live, one seizes that opportunity, and brags before and after that fact to everyone one knows.

    But when a free element, a pay-no-money twist, is introduced into this important rule, it *must* be some sort of very special day. And lo, it is: Cinefamily is hosting Fred Willard at the Silent Movie Theatre on Sunday, June 20 at 7 p.m., which also happens to be Father's Day. And the very sweet, very kindhearted, very after-our-best-interests Cinefamilians have decided, wisely, to waive admissions for dads.

    You'll need to show with your dad, of course, and pay for your ownself. Fair is fair. But Fred Willard. You were going to go anyway.

    The funny funny "Ferndale 2Night" will get the love, as will "The History of White People in America."

    As for Mr. Willard? A delight on screen, a delight in person. He smiled in our general direction at a long-ago civic pancake breakfast and our heart was instantly as warm as the nearby pitcher of maple syrup.

    Shouldn't you and dad share that feeling on Father's Day? And every day?