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Find Frights in Angelino Heights



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    Beautiful Angelino Heights is the setting for a pre-Halloween scavenger hunt on Saturday, October 24th

    One of our city's most historic neighborhoods is also one of our city's most commonly-seen-in-movies-and-television-shows neighborhoods, too. Angelino Heights, a cluster of Victorians that sit just west of downtown, has been spied in "Charmed" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, as well as a host of other haunting, noir-ish works.

    But not the "Addams Family," which is probably the property that springs in most first-time visitors' minds. That said, Angelino Heights is very Morticia and Gomez, making it an excellent setting for a pre-Halloween scavenger hunt.

    LA Conservancy and Out of the Box Events are partnering on the Historic LA Scavenger Hunt: Haunts of Angelino Heights on October 25th. Tickets are $30, and the time's 8PM. Teams will find clues on the clock, all the while seeing those looming, turreted beauties under the veil of night.

    Chilling. In a good way.

    And if you're curious about the "Thriller" house, it's at 1345 Carroll Avenue. Oh, to own a famous pop culture location. We are still thinking of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" house, which is located in Hollywood. It came on the market a few years back. Can you imagine bragging about that buy?

    Dreams. Sigh. Or should we say, nightmares. Sigh.