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First Fridays Reach Halfway Point

The Natural History Museum's monthly party parties on.



    First Fridays Reach Halfway Point
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    The next Natural History First Friday is on Friday, March 4.

    Teams of smart people study the life spans and natural bio arcs of the animals and specimens that call the Natural History Museum home.

    But figuring out the annual arc of First Fridays, the museum's once-a-month, music-and-idea-filled party, is a snap. They're on for the first half of the year, from January to June, meaning that once March is reached, we're about halfway through.

    And the high-minded charts and readings say? Get there, if you're going to. The next one's up on Friday, March 4, and, as always, the evening will start with a lecture and talk. The presentation on March 4 will include a look at locust biomimicry.

    Those two words are exciting. They sound like a movie pitch. Bet there'll be some producers in the house.

    There will also be DJs, hobnobbing, and music in the diorama halls from the likes of Abe Vigoda and Wild Nothing.