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Fish Fun 5K

The Aquarium of the Pacific kicks off its first-ever run.



    Fish Fun 5K
    Aquarium of the Pacific
    The Aquarium of the Pacific's first-ever 5K trots on Sunday, July 22; your registration fee gets you into the aquarium.

    Water and runners? They're a duo that go way back, back to the time people began running then stopping at streams or lakes for a quick sip.

    The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is set to kick off what is sure to be one of SoCal's most refreshing runs, given the fact that the trot'll loop around the institution and follow the nearby water. It's also, interestingly, the aquarium's first-ever run/walk, so look for it to become an annual thing from here on out.

    Date? Sunday, July 22. Age divisions? Lots, including for young runners.

    Now here's where the aquarium angle comes in, beyond the fact that the jog has a fog-nice, shoreline-close setting: Runners get free admission to the aquarium that day. You want water after your run? Oh, you'll get it. Tankfuls and tankfuls.

    This would be an excellent moment to catch the new June Keyes Penguin Habitat, too, if you haven't seen the noble Magellanic Penguins who now make their home in the LBC. Actually, thinking of these bow-tie'd wonders makes us wonder if there could be a 5K waddle rather than a run one day. Wouldn't waddling that distance, much like a penguin, be almost as challenging? And wouldn't the social media sites be absolutely flooded with comical snapshots?

    Aquarium, we're just sayin'. It might be cute.

    Get your 5K info and get waddling -- er, running.

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