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Flowers with a Famous Touch

Spring's nearly here. Learn about petal placing, and more.



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    Los Angeles School of Floral Design
    Classes begin at the Los Angeles School of Floral Design on April 5, 2010.

    It's easy to say "only in LA" when it comes to things that we perceive could only happen in the celebriest place on the planet.

    But we'll say, with some confidence, that only in LA, and maybe a few other places, could you learn about the very old and established art of floral arranging from a designer who creates bouquets for the stars. It's just one of 589 unique local opportunities here.

    Michael Gaffney is the designer, his work has been seen in movies starring Jennifer Aniston and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and he's starting his School of Flower Design with two purposes in mind: Teach other bud lovers who want to teach, and show people how to better their at-home bouquets.

    Classes begin on Monday, April 5.

    We're wondering why, with spring coming, and one of the world's premiere flower markets downtown, we aren't all bettering our bouqueting. No more just cutting off the stem ends and coffee-can-ing it.