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Fowler Infatuation

We're sweet on the Fowler, and its new site.



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    Fowler Museum
    The Fowler Museum has a new web site, and popular Thursday night yoga classes.

    The Fowler Museum at UCLA is one of our city's great cultural institutions, and any time we or anybody gets a chance to crow about it, that chance should be taken.

    The Fowler crowing has grown this week, thanks to the Daily Bruin article spotlighting the museum's popular August-only Sunset Yoga sessions. It's the free Thursday night class that both on-campus-ers and visitors alike have been downward-dogging at.

    And in a magical act of good timing, the museum debuted its splashy new site as well. Take a look. There are several fine exhibitions on now, including Document: Iranian-Americans in LA (we should note that it closes after Sunday, Aug. 22).

    Before we go, there's a bit more crowing to do. The Fowler is free, always. Not need to say that that isn't a common feature nowadays, or in past days, but we'll say it anyway. Free. Thank you, UCLA, and the people who want to help fill all of our minds with wonders without asking us to pay. That is so nice of you.