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Free Military Admission Over Memorial Day Weekend

The Queen Mary pays tribute.



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    Of the many displays at the giant ocean liner dry-docked in Long Beach, the look-back at its years of service during World War II are some of the most memorable and moving.

    Because the Queen Mary, seemingly overnight, took on a new role during the war, going from luxury vacation spot to a transport for soldiers across the Atlantic.

    Now, in memory of that moment, of the many service people who served, on the ship and off, and for people serving today, the landmark is offering free admission to veterans and active U.S. military personnel over the 2010 Memorial Day Weekend.

    The dates are Saturday, May 29 through Monday, May 31.

    Be sure to show with your U.S. military I.D., and be sure to leave enough time to take in the Ghosts & Legends tour. And of course, to look at all of the artifacts from the boat's tour in World War II. We're thinking of that large photo on display, the one that shows all of the many, many service people on deck. It is a remarkable portrait of courage and duty, and a remarkable look-back at a famous ocean liner's role at a remarkable moment in time.

    And Memorial Day is the perfect time to remember.