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Free Oscar Documentaries Make Spring Mondays Better

Make a plan for your next several Mondays.



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    Producers Paula DuPre Pesmen and Fisher Stevens won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for "The Cove."

    Monday night, that great stretch of what now.

    Oh, maybe some random television, some emotional eating, maybe some easy-chair napping. That's all fine. But now that we've heard about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciencesshowing Oscar-winning documentaries, for free, on Monday nights, we're putting away the bag of chips.

    They'll hold for a day or two.

    But great free movies won't. Starting on Monday, March 22, the Academy will be screening a dozen Oscar winners at its Vine theater. Up on March 22: "Mighty Times: The Children's March" and "Born Into Brothels." Films like "March of the Penguins," "Man on Wire," and "The Cove" are upcoming. 

    Tickets don't cost a thing, but getting a ticket in advance is a must.