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Get Blessed, Beasties

It's an Olvera tradition, with lots of barking.



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    The 2010 Blessing of the Animals happens at El Pueblo on Saturday, April 3.

    Of all the attending events that surround a Los Angeles Easter weekend, the traditional Blessing of the Animals at Olvera Street tends to be one of the most talked about.

    Because the attendees often don't get dressed. At all. And while they are pant-less, they are not pant-less, sometimes breathing and drooling heavily on anyone in their vicinity.

    But it is a joyful, much-photographed day, a day that marks its 80th anniversary in 2010, and the pets who show up to receive a special benediction often come bedecked with flowers on their collars or cages. Yep, the occasional gerbil pulls up in a red wagon. The occasional hamster or guinea pig.

    As is tradition, the Blessing is happening at El Pueblo on the Saturday before Easter. That's April 3, the time is noon-5 p.m., and the procession happens at 2 p.m.

    Has your pup or cat had a trying year? Could there be a moment of reflection and joy to set his course straight? Or yours? Could you take about two dozen excellent pictures for the Facebook page? Yes. All of the above.