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Green Santa Ho Ho Hopes You Go Reusable

December 17th is A Day Without a Disposable Bag.



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    Heal the Bay
    The Plastic Bag Monster and Green Santa mark A Day Without a Disposable Bag on Thursday, December 17th.

    Many of us are bustling around with bags this week. Crinkle crinkle bustle.

    Are some of them plastic? Are all of them plastic? Heal the Bay is inviting all of us to stop and consider our carrying methods. In fact, the organization asks us to pause every year on the third Thursday in December. That's A Day Without a Bag, and if there is another event with a clearer name, we don't know of it.

    What's happening: Some 50 spots around Southern California will give shoppers reusable totes. There's a community gathering downtown to talk totes and being more mindful of what we lug our stuff in. People everywhere are asked to forgo disposable bags for the day. And will Green Santa and the Plastic Bag Monster be making appearances? You bet.

    Get the word on the downtown to-do and a tote-giving-away-place near you (Santa Monica Public Library, Culver City City Hall and the Pavilions in Malibu are just a few of the spots). Happy toting, toters!