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Gushing Over Games at Indiecade

If you think about the future of games, bet you'll make this big con.



    Gushing Over Games at Indiecade
    Indiecade goes for high score in Culver City on Saturday, Oct. 8 and Sunday, Oct. 9.

    You know the truth, right? Well, most do. Once a game arrives at your house, or is downloaded, it has already been tested and diagrammed and argued over and thrown out and salvaged and redesigned by a host of big, graphic-loving brains.

    That's cool. That's the way it should be. We want our entertainment hours to have a certain whiff of quality.

    But. If you're more of a pioneer, and a risk-lover, and you want to see the future of independent gaming before it has been tested a hundred times, best get to Indiecade. The games-loving extravaganza, which will be happening around Culver City on Saturday, Oct. 8 and Sunday, Oct. 9, is "the only stand-alone, independent-focused game event in the nation." Further, the festival "offers a unique opportunity to play and preview the latest innovative indie video games..." That's a pretty hard call for a lot of people to resist.

    It's also industry- and public-focused, which should be a happy sign for all. It's not lightweight, in short. And while some stuff'll be for the developer-type whizbang geniuses who make the games, there are several public-facing happenings, like Game Walk and Big Games.

    Plus? All the cool people like Indiecade. That's Levar Burton in the photo above. Levar Burton! And games! What a great day that day had to have been.

    We like videos about gaming love-ins. Here's one.