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Half-Price Sips at Colorado Wine Company



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Raise a glass (for half off the normal price) at Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock, tonight.

    Freebies? We hope that cute word (we say "cute" because any word transformed by "bies" on the end officially enters the cute stratosphere) isn't a term that becomes permanently attached to our election system. Seems like several people we've run into, randomly, out on the street, are talking about wearing an "I Voted" sticker into XYZ spot for a free thingamabob before something o'clock tonight. (And there are a lot of those spots around town; thank you Thrillist for the full 411.)

    One place that piqued our interest is Colorado Wine Company. From 4-9PM the excellent Eagle Rock vino purveyor pours half-price glasses of the good stuff. And you can spend your time reading labels instead of staring at televisions overhead; this is one spot happily lacking in TVs (although the store promises news will be streamed in). Nicely done, Colorado Wine. Sounds exceedingly pleasant, in fact.

    A sensible plan when it comes to all this freebie madness? Choose one awesome place and make that your main stop for the evening. We do not recommend blowing through a tank racing around the city by sundown to stock up on leave-your-wallet-behind-but-not-your-voting-sticker snacks (sounds like the start of a high-concept screenplay pitch, actually).

    Colorado Wine Company
    2114 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles